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Manual Bookings Vs. Booking Approvals In OpenAir

In OpenAir, there are many ways to manage resources. One key consideration is whether to create bookings directly into your system – manual bookings, or using a request/approval process. As with anything, there are pros and cons to using either method. Manual bookings are immediately scheduled, so you don’t need to wait to have a…
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Best Options for Auditing OpenAir User License Counts

If you own OpenAir, you should already know that each active user account requires a license. To ensure you manage the number of licenses being used, a periodic review of user activity is recommended. Inactivating users frees up licenses so being vigilant in monitoring active user counts is a benefit and cost savings! The best…
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This Quick Adjustment To Your Personal Settings In OpenAir Will Make Searching For Users, Generics, and Assignment Groups A Breeze!

Did you ever realize…? That when you access any user dropdowns and search for a user by name, you never get the assignment groups in the results? There are a few reasons...
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Margin Trending

How To Use Margin Trending To Gain Insight Into Profitability

Margin trending can provide insight into the profitability of service offerings or contract vehicles. This trending metric is useful to decide how to adjust your business for the services or contracts you are selling and delivering. In some companies, project managers are held to margin targets established as part of the proposal scoping efforts. Being…
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Resource Utilization Best Practice Considerations for OpenAir

Resource Utilization is a key metric to understand productivity of employed staff and earnings. Typically, utilization implies billable hours and therefore the higher the billable hours the more revenue the company will earn. However, there are many types of utilization categories, all of which serve a purpose to provide a holistic view of where employees…
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Attaching Customer POs to Project Budgets

Attaching Customer POs/Agreements to Project Budgets

Project Budgets allow you to create a budget against a project that is connected to a work breakdown structure or at the overall project level. One of the features within project budgets is the ability to attach Customer POs or Agreements to the project budget to give you a projected billing amount that represents the…
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Improve Data Quality

Using Page Reference Help to Improve OpenAir Adoption and Improve the Quality of Your Data

Why use page reference help? You have set up your system to track specific information which depends on accurate data entry. In efforts to improve accuracy, you have written user guides, conducted training, and emailed reminders to your system users. Yet continually you are finding incorrect information because people are not sure how to complete…
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Made a mistake on an invoice? Need to issue a credit? OpenAir can do that!

The credit/rebill feature allows an already generated invoice to be credited and a new invoice issued. This feature provides a trail of updated charges, versus simply deleting an invoice, charges and reissuing a new invoice. Ultimately, the credit/rebill process will result in 3 invoices: Original Invoice Credit Invoice (negative amount) New, revised invoice Credit/Rebill is…
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Quick Tip Audit Role Privileges

How to Audit Role Privileges In Netsuite OpenAir

Periodically it is a good idea to review the privileges each role has in OpenAir. Using the Role Privileges report will ensure each role has the correct privileges aligned to your current business processes and also to review for compliance with company policy and/or Sarbanes-Oxley. To run this report go to the “Advanced” report entitled,…
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