OpenAir Techniques for Forecasting Resource Utilization and Reporting

Resource utilization is a common measure in all professional services organizations. It’s a measure of productivity and of your people as assets in delivering services. Utilization can be described as a basic equation: how much have you worked and how much time do you have available to work. The numerator of the equation is the…

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Removing Inactive Resources from Your Company Utilization Reports

Did you ever wonder how you can easily remove inactive resources from impacting your company utilization reports? Utilization reports present challenges sometimes if you have staff turnover. Staff that starts in the middle of the year should not influence historical utilization roll-ups prior to their arrival, and likewise staff that leave the company should not…

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Utilization – common term, uncommon definition

When I was going through school, I remember getting critiqued on my papers by using the word ‘use’ too much.   So I would work around it by substituting ‘utilize’; tricky but effective.  In the consulting industry, ‘use’ should mean the same as ‘utilize’ but I find the definitions of utilize or utilization are widely varied. …

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