Self-Unlock OpenAir Feature for End User Logins

Did you know you can set up self service security controls that will allow users to unlock themselves? Are your password controls a bit complicated? Requiring uppercase and lowercase, a number, a symbol, and be a certain length? Although this is a good approach for secure logins to your system, it also creates a bit…

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Conditional Form Permissions

Did you know you can control form fields using Conditional form permission rules? Expanding on the form permission features throughout OpenAir, many of the forms support the creation of logic which will hide, show, require, or make fields read-only. These rules add another dimension to the unique configuration and experience of end-users within the OpenAir…

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Deleting Custom Fields

Did you know there’s an easier way to delete custom fields? If you need to delete a custom field, you will notice that you may not have the option to delete it initially. In the tips section at the bottom of the custom field, you’ll see a note stating why you can’t delete it. It…

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Form Defaults for Process Support

How form defaults helped me better introduce and manage processes One of the common challenges we see with bad project data is when fields are overlooked in the project creation process. Using form default values can make it easier to set up projects and avoid errors in the process. To create form default values, you…

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Take Control of Standard Field Names

Did you know you can customize invoice terminology per invoice layout?   As with many systems, the convenience of templates for documents like Invoices comes with the tradeoff of accepting the field names and column titles setup in the template.  OpenAir takes it one step further, however, by allowing you to override the field names…

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Email OpenAir Reports to non-OpenAir Users

Did you know you can schedule OpenAir reports to be emailed to contacts that are not OpenAir Users? To schedule the delivery of OpenAir reports to non OpenAir users do the following: Request from OpenAir Support to enable the internal switch called:” Enable emailing of contacts on scheduled reports”. Add the email recipient as a…

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