Month End Close – Overlapping TimeSheet Trick for OpenAir

The necessity for overlapping timesheets is typically driven by the need to enter two timesheets within a given week. For example, your company is on a monthly accounting calendar but you have weekly timesheet submissions. You can create two timesheets for the timesheet period, one ending on the last day of the calendar month and…

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Hiding Report Columns in OpenAir


Want to suppress a total column or quickly remove data from a report? In the new UI Report Editor, both of these options are easy to accomplish. To hide the total column on reports, All you have to do is click on the ‘sum symbol’ to suppress the totals. Clicking the “X” next to a…

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Booking Approvals in OpenAir

Booking Approvals in OpenAir

Did you know that OpenAir has a feature that allows a user to click a button on the Task List or Outline view on a project and it will create bookings for all of the generic resources assigned to any tasks on the project? To access, simply select Projects > Specific Project> Phase | Tasks…

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How to Create a Proxy in OpenAir

Are you going on vacation but want someone to submit or approve a timesheet or expense on your behalf? Under some account configurations, users are permitted to designate their own proxies. In order to create a proxy for one’s self, the user must have the role permission Create own proxies enabled (Administration > Global Settings…

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