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Financial Management Reporting and Metrics in NetSuite OpenAir

In this webinar, we will take a deeper look at typical reports and metrics to support Financial Management across your organization using NetSuite OpenAir Topics we will cover include: Backlog and pipeline forecasting against plan Budget to actual project views Intercompany revenue Dashboards for at a glance data views Following the webinar, we will open…

March 15, 2018

Financial Management Reporting and Metrics for Predictive Accuracy

In this webinar, we will discuss best practices for metrics and reporting needed for financial health at each level of your organization to keep your teams informed and get you on the path toward predictive accuracy. Topics we will cover include: Revenue plan vs. actuals visibility Trending and forecasted margin by type of project Average…

March 8, 2018

Capturing Project Status and Metrics in OpenAir

Determine what data is needed Before spending time configuring several fields or building out forms in OpenAir, it is necessary to determine information to be captured and what will be done with that data. Project status and/or health data, typically referred to as RYG Status (Red, Yellow, Green), is commonplace for many organizations. Who will…

Captureing Project Status and Metrics

September 13, 2017

Managing Change in Professional Services

In this session you will learn: How to use metrics to identify the need for change in the organization Introducing change and change management How business mergers and acquisitions can drive process standardization

October 6, 2016

How To Do Metrics Reporting in OpenAir

Metrics are proven to be an effective way to evaluate your performance. In this webinar you will learn more about how to use OpenAir for evaluating and tracking your performance. We will discuss and demonstrate ways to create, track and represent metrics in OpenAir. Our live webinars are now 30 minutes to more easily fit…

February 18, 2016

Under the Hood: PS Operations At A Glance Today

We often get caught up in in the day to day operational details of our services organizations, and it is difficult to see the forest for the trees. Join us in this webinar where we will discuss your PS operations at a glance and how to set up your PS metrics and reporting. What metrics…

February 11, 2016

3 Simple Steps for Setting Up Your Metric and Reporting System in NetSuite OpenAir

Reports are fundamental to providing the information needed to run your business. Keeping your Professional Services organization focused on what is important is critical to achieving the goals of the business. The NetSuite OpenAir system has an extensive set of reporting capabilities.

Report graphs

February 1, 2016

OpenAir Expert Webinar Series: PS Reporting Metrics

Metrics are proven to be an effective way to evaluate your performance. However metrics can be just another distraction unless there is a clear association for how they will help you achieve your goals and objectives. In this webinar you will learn more about: What metrics should be captured to climb toward your goals and…

December 17, 2015

Dashboards and Metrics In OpenAir

In this recorded webinar you will learn more about: Overview of dashboarding in OpenAir – tips and tricks Typical and recommended dashboards How to review your configuration to support dashboards Limitations

June 16, 2011

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