OpenAir Expert Webinar Series: Subcontractor Management Approaches

In this session you will learn more about: Cost tracking options within OpenAir (Pros and Cons) How to handle a mixture of approaches for costing How to handle impact on resource management Valuable metrics to aid in staffing decisions for subcontractor needs

Dashboards and Metrics In OpenAir

In this recorded webinar you will learn more about: Overview of dashboarding in OpenAir - tips and tricks Typical and recommended dashboards How to review your configuration to support dashboards Limitations

OpenAir Expert Webinar Series: Using OpenAir Outside the System

In this recorded webinar, we were joined by Godfrey Nolan of RIIS, who shared their experience in using OpenAir data outside the system. You will learn more about: Leveraging database export options for direct data access Examples of how to build reports and dashboards on exported data Tips and Tricks ...

Advanced Timesheets

In this recorded webinar you will learn more about: Advanced features such as time entries tab and timesheet customization Support tax reporting by region/location Workflow processes and time approvals Adjusting timesheets Best practices for tracking overtime and shift work ….and more!

OpenAir Advanced User Interface

In this recorded webinar you will learn more about: Customizing forms to support workflow Do’s and Don’ts on terminology The value of filter sets in controlling data access Branding your OpenAir instance to align with your logo ….and more!

OpenAir Expert Webinar Series: Project Budget Management

In this webinar recording you will learn more about: Methods for budget management from simple to advanced Best practice process workflows for Project Managers Aligning effort with contract budgets Baselines and actual vs. plan reports Capturing metrics for estimation feedback ….and more!

OpenAir Expert Webinar Series: Resource Management and Utilization in OpenAir

In this webinar recording you will learn more about Approaches for resource management in OpenAir Best practices based on the dynamics of your organization Tips and tricks on adjusting utilization equations to match your company definition Capacity planning and forecasting resource needs Best-fit resource matches searching by key values ....and ...

Forecasting – Using OpenAir As A Crystal Ball

In this webinar recording you will learn more about Pros and Cons with forecasting approaches Tips and tricks on how to get a more accurate forecast Reflect weighted forecast values based on your sales methodology Forecast resource needs along with financials ....and more!

OpenAir Advanced Invoicing

In this webinar recording you will learn more about Invoice number increments Expense groups Expense insert layout Prefix, billing codes ...and more!
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