Projections – Two Ways for Fixed Fee

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When reporting on forecasting in OpenAir, the charge projections functionality is widely used in conjunction with the resource management methodology and billing/revenue rules setup on the projects. For your fixed fee projects, the forecasting will produce a forecasted amount for either the value of the rule based on the date of the rule (fixed fee on date or milestone) or the value of the rule based on the date of the associated project/phase/task/milestone.

Recently a member of the user community reached out to TOP Step trying to work out why 2 reports were not providing the same information related to fixed fee projections. The configured summary report for forecasting was using Projected Billing value. Additionally, the customer was using the Advanced report called ‘Fixed Fee Projections’. Values were appearing in future months on the Fixed Fee projections but not on the user configured forecast report. The issue was found to be in the date ranges of the charge projections – the end date was set to be current month. This prevented the Projected Billing value from having any values after ‘this month’. The interesting find, however, was that the Fixed Fee Projections report appears to ignore the charge projections date range and therefore was able to help in finding this particular error.

Although running 2 separate reports is not normally suggested, it may be worthwhile to run the Fixed Fee Projections advanced report monthly and compare it to your fixed fee projected billing report to ensure all is well!

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