PSA Implementation
PSA Implementation
Successful implementation is more than just configuring and deploying a PSA tool

Before getting started first consider...

  • Operational business model alignment
  • Process changes to ensure data accuracy and efficient handoffs
  • Integration needs
  • Reporting and data needs
  • User adoption

TOP Step Consulting’s methodology for PSA Implementation has been refined and perfected through real-world deployments. With our NetSuite OpenAir tool know-how and our business operations experience, we are 100% confident we can help you quickly receive the value you are expecting in your NetSuite OpenAir investment.

Benefits of our PSA Implementation

  • Professional Services Automation experts who have PS business operations experience
  • A proven implementation methodology based on real-world deployments
  • Knowledge transfer through best practice discussions
  • User training to ensure adoption
  • A Professional Services Automation system configured to work the way you do

How we work with you

TOP Step Consulting Step 1

Business Process Workshop

Review business model end to end starting with opportunity identification to project delivery and closeout

Review current business challenges

Discuss company direction and "to-be" vision

TOP Step Consulting Process Step 4

System Validation

Walkthrough of the configured PSA solution for immediate feedback

Definition of typical use cases to demonstrate system alignment

User acceptance test windows to educate your team and confirm requirements are satisfied

Identify training needs for end users

TOP Step Consulting Process Step 2

Detailed Design Module Configuration

Identification of PSA system features/functionality relevant for your business

Reporting needs and report definition

PSA system configuration aligning to business model and requirements

TOP Step Consulting Process Step 5

Data Migration

Determine foundational and transaction data migration needs

Identify historical data migration amounts and level of detail to meet reporting needs as part of production deployment

Plan out the data migration approach and ownership

TOP Step Consulting process step 3

Integration and Extension Review

Process and data workflow identification for system integration and automation enhancements

Data ownership and transformation needs to support integration

Identification of integration technology best suited to deliver information on a timely schedule 

Implementation of integration and extension logic

TOP Step Consulting Process Step 6


Identify role-based training needs for the organization

Determine the best delivery method supporting your organizational culture (webinars, classroom, etc)

Develop materials from training presentation to user guides and FAQs to drive user adoption

TOP Step Consulting Process Step 7

Go Live

Migrate configurations and data to production

Minimize disruption to the business

Assistance with user adoption measures

"The experience TOP Step brings from having worked across a large customer base, and with complex global organizations in the past is invaluable. The speed and effectiveness in which the initial deployment was completed is proof of that. Ultimately, our success is not just with the software, but with the capability of the partner who helped us implement it. " 
- Philip Williams, Senior Director Global Operations, AppDynamics

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Our consultants come from industries that leverage PSA tools and have gained their experience through practical application, trial and error, and vendor interaction.

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