This Quick Adjustment To Your Personal Settings In OpenAir Will Make Searching For Users, Generics, and Assignment Groups A Breeze!

Did you ever realize…?

That when you access any user dropdowns and search for a user by name, you never get the assignment groups in the results? There are a few reasons

  1. The form you are completing doesn’t support assignment group selections. This applies to forms like Booking and Issue.
  2. The form supports selecting assignment groups, but the search only sees ‘users’. Since an assignment group is not a user, the search cannot see it.

Example: Task form assigning a user – dropdown selection

Example: When search is used (no results)

If an assignment group is allowed to be selected, they can be found at the bottom of the user selection dropdown. However, you may hit a value called ‘find more..’ before you reach the bottom of your list when scrolling. Normally this is fine – you just select ‘find more…’ to search for the name. Thus, the problem. A quick adjustment to your personal settings can take care of it!

Access your personal settings from the User Center in the upper right of the webpage

Access Personal Setting from the User Center

Jump/Scroll to the bottom section for Display Options and change the display setting to ALL for the user dropdown configuration and SAVE.

Display Options

Now all you have to do on user dropdowns is scroll to find users, generics, and assignment groups.

Another bonus tip: From a dropdown, you can type a letter and the value list will jump to that letter in the list. If you type fast enough you can type additional letters to get even more refined jumping!

Example: In the list below


If you type B, you jump to entry Bbbbbbbb. If you type Bd quickly, you actually jump to Bdddddd!

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