Made a mistake on an invoice? Need to issue a credit? OpenAir can do that!

The credit/rebill feature allows an already generated invoice to be credited and a new invoice issued. This feature provides a trail of updated charges, versus simply deleting an invoice, charges and reissuing a new invoice. Ultimately, the credit/rebill process will result in 3 invoices:

  1. Original Invoice
  2. Credit Invoice (negative amount)
  3. New, revised invoice

Credit/Rebill is enabled by an internal switch and is further controlled by the role permissions (1) Invoices: Credit Invoices and (2) Invoices: Rebill Invoices.

Once the switch is enabled the appropriate user role(s) have the ability to credit and rebill invoices, locate the original invoice, select the credit/rebill tab and include any notes. The option to submit credit for approval refers to whether or not the invoice should be submitted immediately for approval or if it will be submitted at a later time. If there is an approval process in place for invoices at your organization, all credit invoices will follow the approval process set at the project or user level. The confirmation for credit will confirm the new (credit) invoice number. Only credit invoices that have been approved can be rebilled.


Credit Rebill


Credit Rebill History


TIP: Creating a charge stage called Credits allows easy reference to credit invoices.

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