Booking Approvals in OpenAir

Did you know that OpenAir has a feature that allows a user to click a button on the Task List or Outline view on a project and it will create bookings for all of the generic resources assigned to any tasks on the project?

To access, simply select Projects > Specific Project> Phase | Tasks > Outline.  There will be a button at the top of the page titled “ Create Bookings for Generics”

Once you have selected the button. You can then go to Resources > Bookings > Submitted. This shows the bookings that were created. Since the bookings are already in Submitted status after these have been created, the fields can no longer be edited. The bookings need to be approved by the designated approver.

Booking approvals are required to be enabled for this to work (which probably prohibits most clients from using it) — not the booking request/approval feature, but the booking approval feature that does not use booking requests.

To work around that pesky booking approval requirement, you can set up a default approval process with [Submitter] as the approver and all pushed bookings will auto-approve. However, Self-approve will not work. It will still require the individual to go in and approve bookings

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