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Emailing Trial Billing Balances From OpenAir

Did you know you can email trial billing balances from OpenAir? OpenAir supports the ability to set auto-bill options to run billing rules automatically based on configured frequency. However, there is another option available on the auto-bill form called Trial Billing. Until recently, this option was the only available approach to send emails with a…

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Copying Booking Chart Settings From One User to Another

Did you know that you can now copy (or push out) the booking chart settings to other users? For many customers, the resource bookings feature is how resource management is done. Reports provide insight into availability as well as a key feature called the Booking Chart. Over the years, the features available on the booking…

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Adjusting Columns of Timesheets to Minimize Scrolling

Did you know you can adjust the columns of your timesheets to minimize scrolling? If you are a timesheet user of OpenAir, then you may have run into the issue of having to scroll right and left when entering time on your timesheet. There is a way to adjust the column of a timesheet by…

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Previewing Billing and Revenue Transactions in OpenAir

Did you know that you can preview the actual billing and revenue transactions without running the ‘Pending’ summary reports? Invoicing, revenue recognition, and month end processing always has a series of individuals involved in your organization at various points in the workflow. Checks and balances are put in place to ensure items are not overlooked,…

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Importing a Credit Card CSV Into OpenAir Expense Reports

Did you know that you can import a credit card CSV into OpenAir expense reports using an import wizard? OpenAir supports the ability to import American Express CSV feeds directly into new or existing expense reports according to the transactions in the file. The wizard itself is very easy to use – it’s a simple…

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Are Your Customers Your Virtual Sales Team?

Running a consulting firm can be a challenge, because your assets (the consultants) are expensive. So how can a small consulting firm launch and survive in this economy? By consistently delivering on quality and heightening your referenceability, you will create a virtual sales team out of your customers.

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