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Dashboarding Rows vs. Columns in OpenAir

Ever use trial and error to see how you can display your OpenAir report in Dashboard form? Here’s a tip that can help you get columns to display instead of rows from a report when using lines or multiple bar graphs. Dashboards in OpenAir rely on reports being configured. When using summary reports, the information…

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Getting Creative on Viewing the OpenAir Booking Chart!

Last week we provided a tip on how to leverage dynamically updating your time period on the booking chart. This week we’re expanding on that concept to show you how you can add filtering to the booking chart which goes beyond the standard item filtering the available in the settings form. Within the Booking Chart…

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Take Control of the OpenAir Booking Chart!

The booking chart in OpenAir has gone through many enhancements making it a more robust tool for visually checking your resource workloads and availability. Since the chart is time oriented, the days, weeks, or month information is displayed for the number of time periods you define in the settings portion of the chart. To move…

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Redefining Fields by Filters in OpenAir

Last week’s tip talked about the powerful filtering capability within calculated fields that can help you define and redefine values for your OpenAir reporting needs.  When you want to define new values by simply filtering on a control values of a field to get a new one, such as creating a ‘billable time’ calculated field…

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Customizing Utilization Values in OpenAir Reports

Did you know you can use filters and constants in custom calculations for creating utilization metrics? A common report request is to have a utilization report displaying billable, non-billable, pre-sales or business development, administration, and so forth types of %’s displayed for employees. The combination of all these values provides a great amount of insight…

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