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At the heart of Top Step is a growing team of people who are specialists in professional services operations and automation.  We love solving the process and automation challenges professional services organizations face.

Ronn Breaux
President & CEO
Jodi Cicci
Executive Advisor
Jim Schein
Chief Operating Officer
Andrea Larsen
Managing Director
Tres Churchill
Managing Director
Amy McFadzean
Managing Director
Kim Ward
Senior Business Consultant
Carter McEvoy
Senior Business Consultant
Ryan Merritt
Senior Business Consultant
Senior Business Consultant
Sales Associate
James Owen
Senior Business Consultant

Jimmy Morales
Senior Business Consultant

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About Us:  Our mission is to enable and empower Professional Services Organizations to become profitable, scalable, and efficient through change management, technology deployment, and skill set training with a Customer First approach.  We are celebrating our 10th year of success and look forward to growing and learning with you.