4 Ways to Enhance FinancialForce PSA Through Custom System Expansions

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System Expansions

There are a lot of ways that you can extend the use of FinancialForce PSA through custom system expansion, using both native Salesforce capabilities and capabilities related to FinancialForce PSA specifically.

FinancialForce Output Builder

Output Builder, which comes with FinancialForce PSA, is a great way to customize reports internally or externally with custom formatting and page headers. By using HTML, you can pull in project data and other related data from milestones, risks and issues, and timecards in a report. The report can then be sent to different individuals inside and outside of your organization. Unlike a lot of Salesforce email notifications where you’re basing the sending of the report off an action being taken with specific record information provided to the recipient, you can send ad-hoc reports with Output Builder using a recipient contact you provide. You can also save an archive for future use as well. This way if you want to archive status reports weekly you can go back to see how the project has progressed or have that auditability that certain information was communicated to the client. Output Builder can make status reports easy, standardized, and pulled right from the system.

Leverage Salesforce platform features

Another way to extend your use of FinancialForce PSA is by leveraging Salesforce platform features to combine custom objects, fields and workflows, triggers, and VisualForce pages to add automation or completely new features. Some examples include handling prepayments for T&M projects or custom time collection needs across disparate time capture systems.

Custom objects, fields, and triggers

Using a combination of custom objects fields, and triggers, you can create, you can create an infrastructure to manage prepayments and drawdown against these payments as timecards are approved on a given project or milestone.

Use tools that sit on the Salesforce platform

Custom time collection can be built out when your organization needs to tie together different time keeping systems into a single system record for reporting out of FinancialForce PSA. This can be done by connecting tools that sit on the Salesforce platform, such as Service Cloud, or tools that are external to the platform, such as Jira, and allowing resources to record time in their home system, a custom time capture solution can be built to auto-populate FinancialForce PSA timecards for central tracking and reporting. This allows a central, single system of record and removes the need for redundant data entry by your resources.

To learn more about extending the use of FinancialForce PSA through custom system expansion, check out the webinar “FinancialForce 3rd Party Integration Add-ons.”

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