4 Google Chrome Extensions That Will Ease Your Day-to-Day Administration Of FinancialForce PSA

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Google Chrome extensions provide ways to make administration tasks more efficient in FinancialForce PSA. If you’re constantly in the Salesforce system as an administrator looking at your metadata, confirming field information, checking and updating workflow, and constantly updating permissions, there are a few Google Chrome extensions that can be a huge help with your day-to-day workload. Here are four of our favorite Google Chrome extensions.

Salesforce Inspector

One extension that is particularly helpful is Salesforce Inspector. Salesforce Inspector allows you to easily inspect your data and metadata directly in the Salesforce through user interface. For example, when you hover over a field, it will show you the API name and basic attributes right in the UI, so you don’t have to go through set up and look up that information while working a formula or process flow.

Salesforce Admin Check All

Another helpful extension is Salesforce Admin Check All. This is great for those who work with permissions and permission sets. It allows you to do a ‘check all’ on object field level permissions, rather than having to go through each checkbox individually for a new permission set up. With Salesforce Admin Check All, you can just ‘check all’ if that applies.

Salesforce ID Pastor

Another Google Chrome extension we use and encourage our customers to use is the Salesforce ID Pastor extension. Salesforce ID Pastor allows you to right-click on a link and will help you paste the Salesforce ID for that record for you to use in many different ways.

Enhanced Formula Editor

The fourth extension in our top four list is the Enhanced Formula Editor. This editor helps when creating formulas. It enhances the text areas to have syntax highlighting, tabbing, parenthesis matching and find and replace features – which makes it much easier to create formulas more quickly and effectively.

To get these Salesforce Google Chrome extensions, go to the Chrome Store and type in “Salesforce” and check the extensions filter box.

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