Using the Power of Salesforce App Exchange to Expand Your FinancialForce PSA Solution

Salesforce App Exchange offers helpful ways to support system expansion with FinancialForce PSA.

Salesforce App Exchange

A great app in the App Exchange is Rollup Helper by Passage Technologies. Rollup Helper allows you to summarize information, look at minimum and maximum counts, and pull information together across different object relationships. Below are a few of the ways that you can use Rollup Helper effectively to roll up information for FinancialForce PSA:

  • Timecard information to projects to filter actuals information beyond out of the box capabilities
  • Filter and roll up key information from Milestones to the Project
  • Roll up project information to Accounts to track actuals including billing, revenue, and margin on Accounts
  • Roll up Estimated vs. Actuals information to assignments and assignments to projects if you want to look at certain aspects of future schedules, future costs, future revenue, or do other advanced actuals calculations on the project.

Another great app on the Salesforce App Exchange is the Graphics Pack by Salesforce Labs and provides a variety of images that you can use on your projects. These visual cues and flags can help your project managers, senior managers, and others to quickly recognize different statuses, stages, and other key project attributes with visual representations. For example you could use a “traffic light” for a key metric health indicator

Health Indicator

For more information on FinancialForce 3rd Party Integration Add-ons, view the webinar “Financial Force 3rd Party Integration Add-ons”

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