Removing the Generated Date-Timestamp From Downloaded Reports

Did you know you can remove the ‘Generated’ date-timestamp from downloaded reports? OpenAir reporting is capable of quite a bit of reporting but there are plenty of occasions where people just want to download information into Excel for pivot table use during data analysis. By default, report downloads in OpenAir have 2 additional rows at…

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Customizing the Message Board for Specific Departments

The Department definition in OpenAir is most frequently used to support reporting, such as grouping users by department in utilization reports, and to control receipt of alerts such as Late Timesheet notices. Many customers also rename this field to be an even higher organization definition such as Office, Region, Country, and so forth. Setting up…

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Using Custom Fields Instead of Filter Sets

Do you know you can use custom fields instead of filter sets for pending billing and recognition reports? For many years the only way to limit projects included in the Pending Billing or Pending Recognition was using a standard set of OpenAir fields including customer, project, project stage, and project owner or by setting up…

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Check Those Leave Balances

For those of you taking advantage of the Leave Accrual feature in OpenAir, it’s that time of year to check those balances according to your leave policy. Many companies expire some or all of their balances on December 31 (which fell on a Saturday in 2011). If your rule is setup to expire on December…

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