Filtering Data on Reports While You Are Viewing Them

Did you know you can filter data on reports while you are viewing them? Summary report creation in OpenAir certainly has a wide variety of content filtering, subtotaling, timeframe control, and many more options. After running the report and viewing the displayed information, there are times when you want to dynamically filter the information being…

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Previewing Billing and Revenue Transactions in OpenAir

Did you know that you can preview the actual billing and revenue transactions without running the ‘Pending’ summary reports? Invoicing, revenue recognition, and month end processing always has a series of individuals involved in your organization at various points in the workflow. Checks and balances are put in place to ensure items are not overlooked,…

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OpenAir Expert Webinar Series: Advanced Reports Tab

In this recorded webinar you will learn more about the advanced tab reports in OpenAir including: Overview of Advanced reports – what they are and what they require Determining which reports are applicable to your business model Leveraging key advanced reports to support/enforce operational processes Reports you may have always wished existed – and do!

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Removing the Generated Date-Timestamp From Downloaded Reports

Did you know you can remove the ‘Generated’ date-timestamp from downloaded reports? OpenAir reporting is capable of quite a bit of reporting but there are plenty of occasions where people just want to download information into Excel for pivot table use during data analysis. By default, report downloads in OpenAir have 2 additional rows at…

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