Learn How to Expand the Boundaries of Your OpenAir System

NetSuite OpenAir’s configurable platform provides the ability to extend functionality with java scripting options. Tune into this 30-minute presentation to learn what interesting and powerful solutions TOP Step has provided to customers to enable even greater productivity and compliance with OpenAir scripts.  

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4 Ways to Enhance FinancialForce PSA Through Custom System Expansions

There are a lot of ways that you can extend the use of FinancialForce PSA through custom system expansion, using both native Salesforce capabilities and capabilities related to FinancialForce PSA specifically. FinancialForce Output Builder Output Builder, which comes with FinancialForce PSA, is a great way to customize reports internally or externally with custom formatting and…

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FinancialForce 3rd Party Integration Add-ons

In this session you will learn: What FinancialForce add-ons are best for your professional services organization Tips for integrating programs into FinancialForce including Basecamp, Google apps and others 3rd party vs. FinancialForce feature consideration

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Scripting in OpenAir

In this session you will learn: How Scripting can be incorporated to extend system validation logic and data processing Advances in Form Permissions logic Determining when to use Scripting, Form Permissions, and more

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