How to Lower Costs For PSA Tool Administration

If you could lower your professional services automation (PSA) tool administrative cost, would you do it? This paper will introduce you to best practices to improve your systems administration, lower your costs, and provide a greater ROI on your PSA tool. Download White Paper

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The Three Musketeers Had It Right

Many of us know the cliché “All for One and One for All”. It’s the team support spirit; everyone pitching in to support a common goal and having that goal benefit all who supported it. It’s also the basis for TOP Step Consulting’s focus – both with our customers and within our own team structure.…

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Are Your Customers Your Virtual Sales Team?

Running a consulting firm can be a challenge, because your assets (the consultants) are expensive. So how can a small consulting firm launch and survive in this economy? By consistently delivering on quality and heightening your referenceability, you will create a virtual sales team out of your customers.

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7 Questions to Ask Before Augmenting, Replacing, or Upgrading Your Operational Software Systems

So you have a system in place for your sales tracking (CRM), project management and time tracking (PSA), and accounting (ERP) along with one or more marketing communication systems, contract tracking systems, document storage and asset management solutions. Maybe you have a single software solution, or maybe you have invested in individual operational software systems…

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