Wish You Could See Hours Worked Per Person on a Task?

Task setup with planned hours can be done at a task level or a user assigned level, depending on how you’ve configured your system. Regardless of this configuration, many times we hear people asking ‘how many hours did each person work for the task?’ if there is more than one person who worked on it.…

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Milestones Forecast Dates Aligning to Your Calendar

The Billing and Revenue Fixed Fee % complete rules are pretty handy in OpenAir to allow Project Managers or Project Owners to control completion of milestones which will trigger invoicing and revenue. By setting the milestone to 100%, a typical approach, allows the project owners to control the ‘when’ for actuals. Forecasting, however, must rely…

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Alerting PMs to Team Members Taking Vacation

As a Project Manager, it is helpful to know when resources working on your project are asking to take time-off or vacation. OpenAir provides this notification functionality at the project level. When a resource submits a schedule request, Project Managers named as the owner of the project will receive an email notification that the request…

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How do you define Project Management?

I’ve had the privilege of working in US Federal Government contracting organizations, global and national software company services organization, and strict consulting organizations.   In working with our diverse customer base, I’ve also been educated on industries such as creative and social media, IT service and solution providers, and even marketing and research organizations.  Everyone has…

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