Planners: FinancialForce PSA v15

There’s new planner functionality available in FinancialForce PSA version 15 Is your organization doing centralized resource management or trying to move towards a centralized, more controlled resource management approach? Are you looking for ways to give your resource managers the tools necessary to view and manage project staffing across the organization in a single UI?…

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Limiting Expense Items by Project in OpenAir

Many companies have many expense items defined, but in practice certain types should only be used for internal activities. In other cases, companies will define region-specific expenses. You may be able to address this by limiting which expense items are accessible in user filter sets. But if you need to define available expense items by…

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Preventing Expenses From Being Entered Against Certain Projects

Have you ever found expenses entered against a project that should never have had them? If you have, you might have wished you could disable expense entry against certain projects. To do this, you’ll need to create a custom checkbox field for Projects. Name the field ‘avail_for_exp’ and notify OpenAir Support that you’d like this…

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