Top 10 Things You Should Do Within OpenAir

As we work with customers, there are frequently features/functionalities that are not being taken advantage of which are time savers, system compliance helpers, and just generally better ways to view data. Join us to view our favorite TOP 10’s that everyone should be using in the system from Reporting calculations to Custom Field configuration to…

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Keeping the OLD and the NEW

As organization change structures, there is a need to pull information in old structure formats for comparison reporting and research. In this webinar we’ll discuss Ways to capture historical tag data with date ranges Understanding fields are system date controlled Which types of custom fields to avoid and which ones to use in anticipation of…

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Creating Duration From Date Fields

Did you know you can create duration from date fields? Many times customers determine key metrics that are measured within the business for operational analysis and improvement. Metrics may include such values as project margin, utilization %, average bill rate, and so forth. Often there is a metric defined to determine key project lifecycle values…

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Customizing the End-User Experience

In this recorded webinar you will learn more about how to customize the end-user experience for improved system adoption in OpenAir including: Ease of use considerations against data capture requirements – how to balance this conflict Common Do’s and Don’ts on permissions and feature access (less is more!) Reports and dashboards for self service Communication…

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Custom Calculations Tips and Tricks

In this recorded webinar you will learn more about custom calculation tips and tricks in OpenAir including: Custom calculations usage and key features Getting to the right end result Consideration of report configuration with custom calculations Tips and Tricks

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