OpenAir Expert Webinar Series: User Admin

In this webinar you will learn more about all the roles an Administrator plays and best practices on how to keep life simple in each role. Role and Access controls Filter sets for data views Features to support reporting and metrics Typical customizations

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OpenAir Expert Webinar Series: Creative Uses of Issues

We have seen a lot of ways to use issues to your advantage. In this webinar you will learn more about creative uses of issues in NetSuite OpenAir. Project Management options applicable to using the Issues feature in NetSuite OpenAir Transforming the Issues form into Action Items, Status reports, Internal project communication, and more Leveraging…

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Day in the Life Administration Tips

In this webinar you will learn more about all the roles an Administrator plays and best practices on how to keep life simple in each role Data Administrator (new hires, new clients) Customer Support Rep (errors, questions) Customer Service Desk (reports, data access) System Administrator (configuration changes) General Use and Reference User for OpenAir (aka…

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2013 New Feature Highlights / Release Management

As we work with customers, there are frequently features/functionalities that are not being taken advantage of which are time savers, system compliance helpers, and just generally better ways to view data. In this webinar, we will highlight features introduced in 2013 which impact day to day operational efficiency and hear how TOP Step’s Release Management…

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Fiscal Year Starts/End in OpenAir

It’s the end of the fiscal year again and your organization is facing restructuring, cost of living changes, rate changes, and maybe even globalization. Join us as we review key areas to include in your fiscal year end wrap-up and prepare for your next fiscal year. In this webinar, learn how best to: keep historical…

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Change Management in OpenAir

Whether rolling out a new system, new feature, or new process, change is hard. Join us as we discuss how change management approaches factor into projects as key activities and focus. In this webinar you will learn: the principles of change management how communication helps and hurts change management how to phase out the old…

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