Advanced Filtering Outside of Reports

You may be aware of the page filter capabilities within OpenAir to quickly filter information for more efficient data views. The standard page filtering feature has basic ‘is, is not, contains’, etc. functionality. There is a more advanced version of this filter that contains more filtering operations such as ‘is any of’, ‘is not any…

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Locking Columns

Review lists of data or reports information many times span beyond the width of your browser view, even with smaller font settings. When you scroll to review the information, you may find yourself losing reference information in the first couple of columns that help you interpret the data. OpenAir provides the ability to lock columns…

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Starting Off in the Right Place (Module)

For the longest time, you may have been logging into OpenAir and defaulting into the Home, Account or Dashboard module (depending on your version of the system).  From here you navigate to a desired module for functional use of the system.  For those of you that are primarily dealing with the Timesheet module (or some…

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Aligning With Your Accounting System

In this recorded webinar you will learn more about: Accounting features within OpenAir – open periods accounting periods, accounting date Report leverage for reconciliation Functionality and process timing for information tracking Approaches for handling prepaid, deferred revenue, WIP, etc. Revenue of new Revenue Container feature (March 2011 release)

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Self-Unlock OpenAir Feature for End User Logins

Did you know you can set up self service security controls that will allow users to unlock themselves? Are your password controls a bit complicated? Requiring uppercase and lowercase, a number, a symbol, and be a certain length? Although this is a good approach for secure logins to your system, it also creates a bit…

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