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The Power of the Visual: Making Slide Decks That Aren’t Terrible

The humble slide deck is a staple presentation method in virtually every consultant’s toolkit. Sadly, however, many professional slide presentations are so overdone that get in the way of the intended message of the presenter. We’re conditioned to seeing them ...

Act Natural: Four Body Language Cues People Think About Too Much

Body language has power, but it's most effective when natural and spontaneous. Unfortunately - thanks largely to the writings of amateurs - people repeatedly over-think every facial expression and handshake and end up looking uncomfortable and fake instead of looking ...

Thinking Ahead: Train Your Mind To See The Future

A few weeks ago in this blog, make-believe detective Sherlock Holmes got a shout out for his ability to spot every variable and predict any outcome. Holmes seems psychic to the crooks and his fellow detectives, but we know the ...

Keeping It Top Secret

A consultant knows a lot of secrets. You are likely to get a thorough peek behind the curtain - at salaries, marketing costs, budgeting, proposed organizational changes, etc. - more than many of a company’s own employees. Not to mention ...

Let Your Words Do The Talking

Thoroughly, effectively and memorably expressing ideas is important for consultants to succeed. Metaphors are linguistic forklifts. A powerfully crafted word picture can heft even the heaviest concepts to any listener’s level, from the technicians on the IT team to upper ...

Four Crazy Characters Offer Consulting Wisdom

Spoiler alert! Consultants are jacks of all trades who must Always Be Learning. So we learn from everything, even curled up with a bucket of popcorn on Saturday night. While the characters below aren't real, they offer relevant object lessons ...

Road Warrior Tips for Consultants

If consultants have to deliver like Jerry Seinfeld, sometimes they have to live like Jack Kerouac. Travel is a part of the gig, sometimes every week for months on end. Your commute may be hundreds of miles and many hours ...

The Straw Man Is Your Friend

“Straw Man," not to be confused with the poor, brainless scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, is a different kind of tool we consultants use. A straw man is an early draft of an idea or a target “to be” ...

Talking Shop: The Things We Say

Part of the fun of being a consultant is using our own, special vocabulary. (And recognizing that sometimes, to other people, we sound ridiculous.) But more importantly, when done well, jargon can add to your credibility and perceived competence. Some ...

The Mystique of a Consultant

A person that always exceeds expectations is always admired, right? Maybe not...when you’re a consultant. A good first impression is key for a strong, lasting relationship. Therefore, it can be tempting to give away a little extra time and effort ...

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