NetSuite OpenAir Tips

Deciding Critical Roles and Scheduling Methods in OpenAir

Identifying Resource Roles When managing your bench schedule in OpenAir, you must identify what roles are needed. Generic resources can be used while in the planning and the pre-sales process prior to main users being identified, and assigned to a ...

Establishing a Professional Services Revenue Forecast

Establishing a revenue forecast in a professional services organization is an art as there are a lot of factors involved such as opportunity pipeline, resource availability, negotiated selling prices, and so on. Mastering this art requires methodology, measures, and a ...

Planning and Managing Growth in a Professional Services Organization

As a professional services organization, the expectation is that the company should be consistently growing year after year. However, trying to manage growth can sometimes be more complex than obtaining growth. This is especially true for companies with growth beyond ...

How Professional Services Automation (PSA) Can Improve Your Operational Success

What is a PSA Tool? There are many automation tools available today that most of us are using in our day to day business such as CRM and ERP. But, have you heard about PSA? PSA, the acronym for professional ...

Four Options For Integrating with NetSuite OpenAir

The challenge with multiple systems in an organization is they can create silos of information, where each system requires redundant information entry. Silos of information can create the perception of unreliable information and inefficient processes within your organization. Integrating systems ...

3 Simple Steps for Setting Up Your Metric and Reporting System in NetSuite OpenAir

Reports are fundamental to providing the information needed to run your business. Keeping your Professional Services organization focused on what is important is critical to achieving the goals of the business. The NetSuite OpenAir system has an extensive set of ...

5 Best Practices for Report Management in NetSuite OpenAir

So your company has replaced your many spreadsheets with NetSuite OpenAir PSA with the promise of better reporting for sharing data across the enterprise. All levels of the organization from executives to project and resource managers are excited about starting ...

Best Practices for NetSuite OpenAir Resource Management Features

Successful Resource Management strategy is more process than tool. However, having the right tools can significantly improve process. NetSuite OpenAir offers many features for managing resource bookings; but which feature should be used when managing resource schedules? Here are the ...

Virtual Consulting Is Not Invisible Consulting!

So you have another teleconference or videoconference to join remotely. It’s probably not the first one of the day or the last one of the day. Teleconferences and videoconferences are a big part of the world of virtual consulting. When ...

The Formula For Sustainable Success For Professional Services Organizations

Over the past eight years over 1,500 professional services organizations (PSOs) have participated in the Service Performance Insight annual Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark survey, and now over 10,000 firms use it to plan, benchmark and analyze performance. The 2015 report ...

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