NetSuite OpenAir Tips

Excluding Items From An OpenAir Report

Did you know you could exclude items in an OpenAir report rather than just include them? How many times have you found yourself maintaining a report day after day or week after week because new resources have been added to ...

Improve Access To Key Project And Resource KPI’s Using OpenAir Graphical Dashboards

Did you ever hear the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"?  It’s true, especially in the case of financial data viewing and critical metrics used to run your organization.  OpenAir supports customizable graphical dashboards that display your already ...

Create Custom Time Ranges For Reporting

Did you know that you can create custom time ranges for reporting purposes? Not everyone follows a standard calendar for annual and monthly reports. OpenAir allows you to define your company’s calendar so no matter when the start of the ...

Preserving Color Coding of OpenAir Reports in PDF Downloads

Did you know you could preserve color coding of OpenAir reports in PDF downloads? This is a check-box in the Reports module – Options tab. 1)  Navigate to the Reports module 2)  Click on the Options tab to display the ...

Email OpenAir Reports to non-OpenAir Users

Did you know you can schedule OpenAir reports to be emailed to contacts that are not OpenAir Users? To schedule the delivery of OpenAir reports to non OpenAir users do the following: Request from OpenAir Support to enable the internal ...

Big or Small – There is Work For Us All

PS Villiage - October 28, 2009 Written by:  Jodi Cicci Professional Services Consulting companies come in all different sizes:  small, medium, large, and enormous.  Unlike other markets, though, the size of the consulting company has little impact on the expertise, ...

Cultivating a Project Manager

PS Villiage:  June 3, 2009 By Jodi Cicci I’m not sure anyone ever said ‘when I grow-up, I want to be a project manager’.  It’s the type of job that is critical in many companies but not one that necessarily ...

The Importance of Community and Communication

PS Village:  February 18, 2009 By Jodi Cicci What is the most effective way to communicate with your team and your organization?  Probably one of the most classic questions asked with no best answer other than “it depends”.  Why does ...

Integration is More Than Just Connecting the Dots

PS Village - November 6, 2008 Are you considering connecting your systems to remove that double data entry overhead?  Where do you start? The most logical starting place is what data does the receiving system need that the sending system ...

Catch 22’s with Technology vs. Business Processes

PS Village: August 21, 2008 By Jodi Cicci In working with many companies regarding process definition and efficient operational tool usage, I’ve come across a Catch-22 of sorts: process driving tool selection and usage tool features and limitations driving process ...

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