Authorize Expenses in Advance

Have you ever wanted a way to let your employees request authorization in advance to incur certain expenses on a project? And would you like to be able to compare the actual expense report with the authorization? With Expense Authorizations, you can. You can enable this feature in Administration -> Application settings -> Expenses settings…

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The Three Musketeers Had It Right

Many of us know the cliché “All for One and One for All”. It’s the team support spirit; everyone pitching in to support a common goal and having that goal benefit all who supported it. It’s also the basis for TOP Step Consulting’s focus – both with our customers and within our own team structure.…

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Accurately Capping Expense Item Billing Rules

Are your expense item billing rules being capped accurately in OpenAir? If you are adding caps to your expense item billing rules, chances are the cap isn’t being applied quite the way you expect. Normally, the system will apply the cap to the nearest hundredth, but it is based on quantity – not money. For…

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OpenAir Expert Webinar Series: Percent Complete in OpenAir

From managing task completion to revenue recognition, percent complete is a complex topic with many configuration options. In this webinar, you will learn how OpenAir: Calculates task percent complete Provides options for revenue recognition Computes forecasting values And more…

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Creating Duration From Date Fields

Did you know you can create duration from date fields? Many times customers determine key metrics that are measured within the business for operational analysis and improvement. Metrics may include such values as project margin, utilization %, average bill rate, and so forth. Often there is a metric defined to determine key project lifecycle values…

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