A Primer For Creating A Good Presentation

The ability to present effectively is key to consulting success. If you and members of your team cannot effectively present ideas you may be missing out on opportunities. But at the worst, you’re losing credibility, which ultimately could mean losing your client. An immense amount can be written about this subject so this is merely…

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Whiskey Company Makes People Feel Good…It’s Not What You Think

People won’t remember what you say.  People will remember how you make them feel. Jack Daniel’s knows this.  And whiskey was not involved. So, what are we doing writing about a whiskey company in a blog post about consulting skills?  Because we can all learn a lesson in how to deliver difficult messages well. Back…

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OpenAir Expert Webinar Series: External Reporting with OpenAir

Access to OpenAir data for in-depth Business Intelligence analysis is, for many, an operational need. Reports configured in OpenAir provide information for day-to-day operations; more detailed analysis needs more detailed data access. Join us as we invite Mike Uveges from Mentor Graphics to present a quick and helpful way to explore OpenAir data mining outside…

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You Are The Consultant…Are Questions Important?

As consultants, we are hired as experts in our field. Our expertise may be technical, strategic, or process-oriented.  But no matter what, our clients expect us to know stuff.  Sometimes we pressure ourselves into thinking we should not ask questions because of our position as “experts”. Books (and chapters in books) have been written about…

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‘Martial’ Consulting

I once had the opportunity to spar (that is, “practice fight”) with a world-renowned master, champion martial artist.  I had 7 years of martial arts training, but this gentleman was far out of my league.  Luckily, he was very nice to me and only defended himself (no attacks).  He told me something I will never…

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Do The Easy Stuff Perfectly

Every company or work group has one or two superstars who can get away with ignoring administrative duties and breaking rules. These folks are so consistently brilliant with technology or sales that the manager is forced to tolerate their disrespect for policy. If you are one of these people, we see that silly grin on…

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