OpenAir Expert Webinar Series: Creative Uses of Issues

We have seen a lot of ways to use issues to your advantage. In this webinar you will learn more about creative uses of issues in NetSuite OpenAir. Project Management options applicable to using the Issues feature in NetSuite OpenAir Transforming the Issues form into Action Items, Status reports, Internal project communication, and more Leveraging…

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OpenAir Expert Webinar Series: Financial Forecasting

In this webinar you will learn more about Pros and Cons with forecasting approaches Tips and tricks on how to get a more accurate forecast Reflect weighted forecast values based on your sales methodology Forecast resource needs along with financials ….and more!

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The Power of the Visual: Making Slide Decks That Aren’t Terrible

The humble slide deck is a staple presentation method in virtually every consultant’s toolkit. Sadly, however, many professional slide presentations are so overdone that get in the way of the intended message of the presenter. We’re conditioned to seeing them in virtually every meeting, and these days animations and striking slide transitions alone aren’t enough…

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Tips To Unlock Your Productivity With NetSuite OpenAir

This eBook shares a set of 21 best practices and tips to common challenges we have come across in working with our customers. Some are common situations from which everyone can benefit while others are more unique to your operational model. All are meant to be thought provoking and for you to consider what is possible!

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Act Natural: Four Body Language Cues People Think About Too Much

Body language has power, but it’s most effective when natural and spontaneous. Unfortunately – thanks largely to the writings of amateurs – people repeatedly over-think every facial expression and handshake and end up looking uncomfortable and fake instead of looking like confident professionals. Let’s discuss some important body language cues you might be better off…

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Thinking Ahead: Train Your Mind To See The Future

A few weeks ago in this blog, make-believe detective Sherlock Holmes got a shout out for his ability to spot every variable and predict any outcome. Holmes seems psychic to the crooks and his fellow detectives, but we know the truth: he’s got great consulting skills! Maybe you weren’t born with the gift to see…

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