Importance Of Confidentiality

Wherever consultants gather…airports, hotels, Starbucks…we often find ourselves sharing detailed, unfiltered stories about our jobs. This is natural human behavior. It’s also a really bad idea. Clients have a legitimate expectation that we will be discreet, even with information that isn’t labeled “Proprietary and Confidential”. For us to help them, they have to tell us…

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Delivering “Bad News”

Bad news is only bad news when it is too late A consultant friend called not long ago to tell me her client was several weeks late on delivering some critical data. The only problem was, go live was only two weeks away and my colleague was going to be on holiday during one of…

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Balancing Multiple Priorities

One of the biggest challenges for every professional is how to know whether you are working on the things that matter most. It’s easy to stay busy all day and into the night without accomplishing anything. If you are working hard but not seeing progress, it may be that you are working on the wrong…

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Manage Expectations!

If you do nothing else in consulting, manage expectations well. If you’re naturally a people-pleaser (most people in this business are), you’ll want to tell your clients that you can do anything within virtually any time frame. We all want to be heroes to our clients. The problem with trying to be heroes is that…

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The Three Musketeers Had It Right

Many of us know the cliché “All for One and One for All”. It’s the team support spirit; everyone pitching in to support a common goal and having that goal benefit all who supported it. It’s also the basis for TOP Step Consulting’s focus – both with our customers and within our own team structure.…

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