Signs you are a Workaholic

This article should really be titled ‘it takes one to know one’.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a full plate of work.  It could be planning out errands over the weekend, workload at a job, volunteer activities juggled with college homework, etc.  Never a dull moment.   How did I get…

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Ramping Up New Resources

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog, did anyone miss me?  The main problem was workload, as you could have guessed, but I was also taking steps to prevent this from happening again.  How?  Well, we’ve hired new resources which are going through our ramp up program.  When hiring anyone, you can’t…

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Are you more productive in the office or at home?

For many years I worked in an office environment.  Driving into the office each day, you have to make the decision of fighting traffic or arriving super-early to avoid traffic, and in some cases you don’t get a choice.  You work a full day, interacting with colleagues while you continue to whittle down your workload…

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The Joys of Quarter End – Reality vs. Plan

For many of us, this month (June) marks the end of the second quarter and provides a good look at how your company is doing mid-year against the revenue plan you established last fall or at the end of last year.  You check all the parameters such as revenue to date, average bill rate, utilization,…

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How many Average Bill Rates do you track?

Average bill rate is one of the key metrics to managing your services organization.  With this metric, you can plan out revenue and staffing needs, measure your effectiveness of delivery, determine the impact on discounts, and forecast how your revenue looks again your overall budget.  Typically the average bill rate metric is computed by dividing…

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Increasing your odds of change adoption

Change is never easy, especially to those everyday processes and actions that become patterns or habits in your life.  If someone moved the silverware drawer to the other side of the sink, how long would it take you to stop pulling out the old drawer, cursing to yourself about moving the silverware, then heading to…

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