Understanding Scheduling in FinancialForce PSA

When creating resource assignments for projects in FinancialForce PSA, it’s good to have an understanding of the various Scheduling Strategies available to you. These strategies all have different effects on assignment end dates and resource schedules, and knowing how each scheduling strategy behaves is important when managing your resource assignments.

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Resource Management: Utilization Reporting

Optimizing Your Organization’s Utilization Calculations Are you optimizing your ability to calculate utilization with FinancialForce PSA? Have you reviewed how you view your organization’s utilization numbers lately? Utilization is a critical metric for any professional services organization and everyone wants to find new ways to view utilization. FinancialForce PSA continues to enhance your ability to…

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Virtual Consulting Is Not Invisible Consulting!

So you have another teleconference or videoconference to join remotely. It’s probably not the first one of the day or the last one of the day. Teleconferences and videoconferences are a big part of the world of virtual consulting. When you join conference calls, there is one main objective you should be clear on –…

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Simplify FinancialForce PSA Timecard Entry With Easy Entry Popup Notes

• Do timecard approvers rely on daily notes when reviewing timecards? • Do Project Managers use timecard daily notes to provide status reports or support T&M invoices to clients? • Do resources work on multiple projects simultaneously or do you have trouble encouraging daily time entry in your organization? The key to accurate and timely…

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Dreamforce Experience and Highlights

As a FinancialForce PSA partner, attending Dreamforce took on a whole new outlook for us at TOP Step Consulting. In the past, we had a focus on learning more about the partner community, how their tools work with Salesforce, and potential synergies with TOP Step’s professional services consulting focus. TOP Step’s ability to implement solutions…

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The Formula For Sustainable Success For Professional Services Organizations

Over the past eight years over 1,500 professional services organizations (PSOs) have participated in the Service Performance Insight annual Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark survey, and now over 10,000 firms use it to plan, benchmark and analyze performance. The 2015 report promises to offer even more insight and analysis into the market with a view of…

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