FinancialForce Revenue Management Implementation
Revenue Management Implementation

So you have made the decision to leave the spreadsheets behind and extend your FinancialForce PSA system with FinancialForce Revenue Management.

Revenue Management will provide you with additional time savings while also giving you total control, support compliance with revenue recognition standards, and provide improved visibility for revenue forecasting.

How we work with you

TOP Step Consulting Step 1

Business Process Workshop

Cross-functional process review with PS and Financial teams to define requirements

TOP Step Consulting Process Step 4

System Validation

System validation to review and refine feature/field permissions to ensure compliance for business processes

TOP Step Consulting Process Step 2

Detailed Design Module Configuration

Develop endless revenue recognition templates to be applied to different scenarios based on complex contract or data requirements

TOP Step Consulting Process Step 5

Data Migration

Data migration to identify historical and current data to load into the system then develop the data migration plan

TOP Step Consulting process step 3

Integration and Extension Review

Integration and extension review to understand who is responsible for information exchanges, what is needed, and when is the information required

TOP Step Consulting Process Step 6


Customized user training specific to needs

TOP Step Consulting Process Step 7

Go Live

Go live and month end verification

"The experience TOP Step brings from having worked across a large customer base, and with complex global organizations in the past is invaluable. The speed and effectiveness in which the initial deployment was completed is proof of that. Ultimately, our success is not just with the software, but with the capability of the partner who helped us implement it. " 
- Philip Williams, Senior Director Global Operations, AppDynamics

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Our consultants come from industries that leverage PSA tools and have gained their experience through practical application, trial and error, and vendor interaction.

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