Integrating NetSuite OpenAir With

One of the challenges in your project-based organization is getting your sales and services teams on the same page. By integrating the two systems, you create an environment that removes barriers of “your data” and “my data” conflicts that create miscommunication and unreliable reporting.

TOP Step Consulting understands these challenges and how to set you on a path to improving your sales to services process by integrating between your OpenAir and environments.   By automating data flows between systems, you can concentrate on generating revenue and managing profitable projects

What data is exchanged?

  • Seamless movement of Opportunity data from into OpenAir projects
  • Sending account information in to Client information in OpenAir
  • Converting product lines into budget transactions for order line level detail tracking.
  • Movement of contact information from to OpenAir for invoicing
  • Movement of selected project and client data points back into

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