NetSuite OpenAir and QuickBooks Integration

OpenAir is great for generating accurate billing and invoicing. Unfortunately, getting that data into QuickBooks can be manual, tedious and prone to human error. By integrating the two systems, you can send all your billing and expense data to QuickBooks with the push of a button.

TOP Step can set up the integration in less time than you think. Even if you suspect your systems are hopelessly out of sync, we can handle the sticky details and get the integration running smoothly.


What data is exchanged?

  • Send Invoices and charges to QuickBooks with charges mapped income accounts in QuickBooks
  • Map OpenAir cost centers to QuickBooks classes
  • Send expense reports to QuickBooks A/P with OpenAir users set up as vendors
  • Invoice payments and expense reimbursements sent back to OpenAir
  • Automatically create new Vendors, Service Items, Classes, Customers and Jobs in QuickBooks from OpenAir data


Common questions

Integrations always seem to take a long time. Why should this be any different?

OpenAir designed the system to integrate well with QuickBooks. There’s a pre-built tool used to transfer data. The challenging part is setting up the two systems so they are in sync, but we’ve completed so many of these projects we’ve got it down to a science.

Is it a manual process, or can it run automatically?

Most people choose to run it manually after invoice generation, but we can also configure it to run on a schedule.

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