Tracking Historical Field Values for OpenAir Reporting

You may find yourself wishing you could have certain fields or values tracked as changes over time. OpenAir’s audit trail capability is quite robust in tracking field value changes, but it is not an easily parsed or used field for reporting to view information by historical values. Examples of reports you may have wanted to…

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Paid Time Off policies – What works best for your organization?

Summer is coming and this means many of your employees are planning their family vacations.  It’s also allergy season here in the Virginia area which has knocked quite a few people off their game with folks having to take time off to visit doctors.  I’ve even had a bout of bad luck with illness recently. …

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Self-Unlock OpenAir Feature for End User Logins

Did you know you can set up self service security controls that will allow users to unlock themselves? Are your password controls a bit complicated? Requiring uppercase and lowercase, a number, a symbol, and be a certain length? Although this is a good approach for secure logins to your system, it also creates a bit…

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Restricting OpenAir Time Types by Project or Task

For those of you who use time types to track billable/non-billable work or overtime/shift work, ever run into the problem of a consultant selecting the wrong value for task or project (especially those internal or administrative tasks)? OpenAir has two control switches that may be of interest – but you can only use one or…

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What I learned in Grade School is changing

Technology changes rapidly in today’s world – not only devices but programming approaches and languages. I started my career as a programmer working in PL/I and FORTRAN (dating myself a bit, I know) in industry. Then Object-Oriented languages took over and I stuck in there for a while but found myself more of a debugger…

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