Removing Inactive Resources from Your Company Utilization Reports

Did you ever wonder how you can easily remove inactive resources from impacting your company utilization reports? Utilization reports present challenges sometimes if you have staff turnover. Staff that starts in the middle of the year should not influence historical utilization roll-ups prior to their arrival, and likewise staff that leave the company should not…

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Locking Columns in OpenAir

Did you ever want to lock a column while scrolling through your data views? There are quite a large number of data columns that can be added to your customized view or report results when displayed on the screen within OpenAir. Usually the columns on the far left are reference columns to the data in…

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Late Timesheet Alerts Can Align with Resource Management

The Late Timesheet Alert is one of the most often implemented reminders or notifications to ensure users are compliant with your timesheet policy. What most people overlook, however, is how the timesheet alert can be setup in such a way that it is only triggered when resources are expected to do work in a week.…

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