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What Does Adjust Time Entries to Fit Under the Cap Mean?

The use of time billing rules on project is fairly common among OpenAir users to convert time spent on a project into billable money amounts for invoicing. The use of rule caps to limit money or hours allowed to be processed by the rule is also a popular feature, but rule caps comes with configuration…

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Customizing Your OpenAir Email Content

There are plenty of notification and alert options in OpenAir with most having either standard wording (timesheet awaiting approval, for example) or the ability to setup specific email body content (late timesheet alert, for example). For many the standard wording or text entry capabilities are sufficient to communicate basic information but you may be finding…

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Work Schedule Reporting with Holidays

As you work with reports, you may have noticed some fields that seems to mean the same thing but have slightly different names.  One of these fields is called Work Schedule.  In Summary reports, you see values called Work Schedule and Base Work schedule.  So what is the difference?    Base Work Schedule means the hours…

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Alerting PMs to Team Members Taking Vacation

As a Project Manager, it is helpful to know when resources working on your project are asking to take time-off or vacation. OpenAir provides this notification functionality at the project level. When a resource submits a schedule request, Project Managers named as the owner of the project will receive an email notification that the request…

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