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Grouping Expenses on an Invoice

Did you know you can create a Custom expense item to combine expense items on an invoice? The accounting structure for handling expense items in many companies is quite detailed, and may even go down to the individual meal per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) depending on their internal travel policies.   Tracking internal expenses to this…

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Take Control of Standard Field Names

Did you know you can customize invoice terminology per invoice layout?   As with many systems, the convenience of templates for documents like Invoices comes with the tradeoff of accepting the field names and column titles setup in the template.  OpenAir takes it one step further, however, by allowing you to override the field names…

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Tracking Budget Allotments by Sales or Team Members

Ever wonder if OpenAir can track deal booking credit for commission reporting or spread budget funds across the team for burn rate reporting with money? Over the past two weeks we’ve introduced the Budget Entry field for tracking components of a budget and how you can tie these components to categories and services for a…

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Using Budget Categories

How can I categorize pieces of a budget based on funding type or service being delivered? Last week we provided a tip about the Project Budget feature within an OpenAir project.  This feature has expansion capabilities that support a variety of tracking and reports needs including links to your defined services and descriptive budget category…

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Tracking Project Budget Adjustments

Did you know you can track budget adjustments on a project? The project form has always had a Budget (money) field for project level financial budget management.  The challenge with this field is you can only get insight into historical values if you run a detailed project report to view the audit trail.  There is…

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Time Entry Tab – Part 2: Vendor Tracking

Ever wish you could reference the vendor invoice status for your T&M subcontractors and reconcile payment status? Last week we pointed out the feature in the Timesheet module called the Time Entry tab to view individual time entries by user, project, even task. You can extend this feature to include a 2 types of fields…

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