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Quick entry of Vendor cost without Proxy!

Tracking the cost of subcontractors can be quite tedious if you are using approaches like expense reports or timesheets as they require the subcontractor or someone logging in as the subcontractor (proxy) to enter expense and timesheet data.  Another option you might want to consider is using the Purchases module and the Quick PO functionality. …

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Controlling End Date on Tasks

Project plans in OpenAir are made up of phases and tasks to manage both budget and schedule of the engagement. The task form in OpenAir defaults to have a start date available and support predecessors to link tasks together. This allows start dates on tasks to automatically calculate based on planned hours/effort and the end…

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Task Grid/Worksheet Customizations per User

If you use tasks on your projects, you most likely also use the Task Grid or Worksheet option to quickly create or update multiple tasks at once. Your system administrator sets up the columns displayed on the Worksheet but depending on your job or role when using OpenAir, you may need to access only a…

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Dashboarding Rows vs. Columns in OpenAir

Ever use trial and error to see how you can display your OpenAir report in Dashboard form? Here’s a tip that can help you get columns to display instead of rows from a report when using lines or multiple bar graphs. Dashboards in OpenAir rely on reports being configured. When using summary reports, the information…

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Getting Creative on Viewing the OpenAir Booking Chart!

Last week we provided a tip on how to leverage dynamically updating your time period on the booking chart. This week we’re expanding on that concept to show you how you can add filtering to the booking chart which goes beyond the standard item filtering the available in the settings form. Within the Booking Chart…

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